Frequently Asked Question’s

Q.  Can I get custom fabrication?
A.  Not really.  We do occasionally sell one-off’s and prototypes to our vendors.

Q.  Can my friend who blows glass decorate the piece in the aftermarket?
A.  This is very risky and not recommended, it has been tried before and resulted in the piece breaking.

Q.  Can I distribute your product on the internet?
A.  No, internet vending is limited to AquaLab Technologies & NVS Glassworks.

Q.  How much water should I use?
A. 1/4 inch above the fritted disc is plenty! Too much water restricts the hit and inhibits the really impressive bubble stacking.

Q.  How do I clean it?
A.  Cleaning your Rooster® Apparatus.  Extra pre-filter discs are supplied with convertibles so that you may continue to use the apparatus while dirty pre-filters go through cleaning cycle. Pre-filter discs are also available from your vendor and are cheap and easy to replace.

Q.  Why is cold water not recommended for concentrates?
A.  We can answer this two ways, scientifically and simply:

  1. Scientifically:  Many concentrates are solid-state at room temperature. The tiny bubbles (~80 microns) the apparatus produces have a very large surface area compared to their internal volume. This allows for thorough scrubbing of water-soluble molecules from the vapor, with considerable heat-exchange from the warmed vapor to water as well. If too much heat is removed from the vapor, it returns to solid state, clogging the disc from the underside with formerly-volatilized components that you wanted to taste and feel.
  2. Simply:  Oil, when heated to become a gas, wants to become solid again as soon as it cools.  The smaller a piece of something hot is broken down to, the faster it cools.  Our tiny bubbles cool your hot oil REALLY fast and cold water makes it happen too fast…Which is why you are staring at a solid disc filled with congealed oil.

Cold-water clogs are easily cleaned with hot water.

Q.  Can I get an ice-pinch?
A.  Ice is unnecessary and counter-productive in a Rooster®. It also gets the apparatus filthy almost instantly. We do not recommend using ice and do not produce a piece for it.

Q.  Can I get a splash guard?
  The bulb atop the frit in chimney models prevents bubbles from “stacking” so high they reach your mouth with no difference in function.

Q.  Can I get custom work?
A.  No.  As stated before we do not customize pieces to order.  One-off’s, collabs, and prototypes are available through our authorized vendors.

Q:  What if no one near me carries adaptors?
A:  If you would like to purchase an adaptor you can click the link below. We will ship it out via UPS Priority Mail.

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16 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Let me start of by saying Im a huge fan of your work and believe your art is by far the best in the frit market. I recently started to notice that different frits produce different size bubbles thus I wanted to ask the expert(you) if there is a difference in filtration associated with the size of the air bubbles. If so what would be more preferable big or small?
    Thanks Dave, please keep producing your art.

  2. Thanks for your interest, Arik! The smaller the frit, the finer the bubble, the quicker the clog. We prefer bigger bubbles with less clogging, personally!

  3. Both Kulture and Blue Nile NYC are legitimate authorized vendors. Our listings will be updated soon.

  4. Arik, check out our Instagram @rooster_apparatus. We will post up a bubble stack picture today!

  5. True statement. Sight N Sound is a retailer for our products. We also have an authorized vendor in Chicago, “Adam’s Apple”.

  6. When cleaning one of your pieces with 99% isopropyl alcohol can you use rock salt to help clean the glass, or will it clog the frit?

  7. Need to buy more adaptors but the buy link on the faq page won’t let me click on it.

  8. Small diameter rock salt might temporarily clog the frit but would eventually dissolve out into the water. Generally alcohol or soapy water will dissolve any deposits given a little time. We definitely do not suggest poking anything solid inside the apparatus since the fritted disks are far more fragile than solid glass and can easily crack or shatter if they receive an impact.

  9. Where can i purchase the ash catching fritted disc online or in the Los Angeles , Hollywood area

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