Q. Can I get custom fabrication?
A. Not much.
1.The disc can be had in non-stock color configurations.
2. Colored discs are normally complemented with flared feet, but may be ordered on hex bases.
3. Large hex bases can be converted into 6 pointed stars as is done with the smaller hex bases.
4. Sculpture, worked sections and other non-functional external decoration are frowned upon.
    Apparatus with non-functional decoration is extremely rare and not available for less than a thousand dollars.
Q. Can my friend who blows glass decorate the piece in the aftermarket?
  A. This is very risky and not recommended. The first bonehead who tried broke the piece.
Q. Can I distribute your product on the internet?
A. No. Internet vending is limited to Aqua Lab, NVS, and ourselves.
Q. How much water should I use?
A. 1/4 inch above fritted disc is sufficient. Too much water increases water column pressure which restricts draught and inhibits
“bubble stacking” Most vids I have seen have too much water.
Q. How do I clean it?
A. Straight “chimney” models are very easy to clean. Hot/boiling water, Joy dishwashing detergent, a large bottle brush and a small bottle brush with a 45 degree bend at the end will clean a chimney quickly, thoroughly, and cheaply. We have found that after months of heavy use, the main frit may start to clog and require solvent cleaning.
Mini/micro cans need to be cleaned with alcohol/solvent based products. We have had good results with Orange Chronic and Green glass cleaner, which beat Formula 420 hands down in every test.
Extra pre-filter discs are supplied with convertibles so that you may continue to use the apparatus while dirty pre-filters go through cleaning cycle. Pre-filter discs are also available from your vendor and are cheap and easy to replace.
Q. Why is cold water not recommended for concentrates?
A. Many concentrates are solid-state at room temperature. The tiny bubbles (~80 microns) the apparatus produces have a very large surface area compared to their internal volume. This allows for thorough scrubbing of water-soluble molecules from the vapor, with considerable heat-exchange from the warmed vapor to water as well. If too much heat is removed from the vapor, it returns to solid state, clogging the disc from the underside with formerly-volatilized components that you wanted to taste and feel.
Cold-water clogs are easily cleaned with hot/boiling water.
Q. Can I get an ice-pinch?
A. Though addressed/covered in the patent application, field testing proved that ice is unnecessary and counter-productive. It also gets the apparatus filthy almost instantly. We do not recommend using ice, and do not modify the apparatus to encourage this bad practice.
Q. Can I get a splash guard?
A. No. If you don’t like water in your mouth, choose a chimney shape. The bulb atop the frit in chimney models prevents bubbles from “stacking” so high they reach your mouth. There is no difference in function. The characteristic of the experience is developed where the bubble originates, at the frit. How far up the tube bubbles travel before breaking is strictly cosmetic. Stack height has nothing do with ease of draught, or the smoothness of smoke.
Q. Can I get custom work?
A. Not much. Options are generally limited to frit color and flared (round) base or hexagon base. We can also flare the hexagon base into a 6 pointed star. A larger (65mm) disc will debut soon.
Purchasing a adapter
If you would like to purchase a adapter you can click the link below. We will ship it out via UPS Priority Mail.

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33 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Thanks for your time dedicated to this revolution that’s taking place before us…..with that said,Would like to know if slyme green/black are colors you would be willing to use on the disc…..Can’t hurt to ask….right…

    • I do not use any trautman products. He is one of the most toxic assholes on planet earth. black and green both have issues that limit their utility. Sorry for the latter.

  2. Just stopping by to show some love…we really love using your scientific glass to consume our products…we recently found that dabbing directly on the glass screen works quite well and improves flavor! Thanks again Dave. Stay hard at work my friend.

  3. I would love to get one of your pieces soon it would finish my collection but I have never seen one of your pieces in Las Vegas do you know of a place here that sells your work?

  4. Can you clean the fritted discs with isopropyl alcohol and salt instead of Orange Chronic? I’m worried the salt will get stuck inside the discs. Loving the piece so far though!

    • yes, in fact I don’t like salt, it leaves a residue. You can warm the alcohol up some in a pot of warm water. I like Joy dishwashing detergent and a couple bottle brushes for plant cleaning, or boiling water for concentrate. It took a very long time for me to reach the point of needing to solvent clean the main disc. The little discs need more cleaning.
      If you boil it, just blow into it and all the gunk will stream to the surface. Use a spoon and paper towel to get the crud off the surface of the water before you remove the piece or everything on the inside will wind up on the outside.

  5. I have read that the convertible sizes are not 18mm but 19mm at the top. I was wondering if this was the same case with the 10″ mini colored can option because I was going to try to use another adapter with it if I could use the standard 18mm-18mm female to female glass adapter to use an 18 mm glass bowl and possibly a carbon filter for combustion.

  6. Hey, big fan of you’re style and Id love to get a piece of my own one day. Any idea if you’ll have a shipment heading toward MD any time soon? Thanks keep up the good work.

  7. Is it possible / how to purchase directly from you? Can’t find your stuff anywhere near me and I think the closest place listed on your site is at least a 3 hour drive from me, but I’m dying for one of your pieces.

  8. the female converter on my rooster apparatus has become stuck on the male part of the glass. Is there anything you can recommend to remove it? thanks!

    • if it is glued with concentrate, gently warm it. If it’s all dry/plant, try soaking it in freshly poured coca cola for 12 hours. No kidding. The phosphoric acid releases stuck joints.

    • Never heard that before. There is no rationale for such a thing happening unless you are dropping stuff on it, or cleaning it with boiling water, both of which are negligence on your part.

      There is a possibility that the disc was broken (by rookie worker) to start with. Send a pic of the damage and piece to glassguy@spiritone.com. If it’s a rookie piece, I can accept it was broken to begin with and replace it. If it was made by someone who’s got experience, I’m attributing it to negligence on your part.

      Pieces that are broken to begin with don’t work right to begin with, they usually come right back through the retailer. Your story falls on the doubtful side thus far.

      Where and when did you buy this piece? The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  9. Hey Dave! I have just purchased a new mini can with the bent neck and I took 5 concentrate dabs and it clogged very easily. should I be using luke warm water for concentrates? I also live in Seattle and heard these aren’t winter time pieces, they clog when the temp outside is below 50. let me know what ya think! thanks!

    • cold water will do what you describe. try at least luke warm. You’re also going to have to clean it out really well because the stuff you congealed in the disc when you clogged it is going to keep wanting to clog it until you get rid of it.


      • I’m just not having the best time taking dabs with your mini can. I used Grunge Off which is high quality residue remover and soaked it over night. Then I ran warm water thru it and all the concentrate residue fell out. I tried using it again with warm water and it still clogs. I’m guessing your pieces are more for flowers than concentrates? I want you to know the concentrates I dab are Seattle’s Best Cannabis and Concentrates produced with N-Butane (99.99% CP) so the clogging has nothing to do with the quality of the concentrates I use. However I’m really interested on your personal opinion of whether flowers are better to use than concentrates. Thanks for the awesome piece tho, I haven’t tried flowers out of it yet but will very soon.
        -Sincerely, Doobie Master

  10. I was wondering, I have a 13″ DG Fritted Disc, it says glasshookup.com where it should say roosterapperatus.com, what I was wondering was if I have one of your original pieces?

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