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Behold the Platinum Rooster!

We are excited to introduce a brand new product line………………..Rooster Platinum

Fueled by the desire for a larger stature piece with a lower volume air chamber, Dave set out to create the ultimate hitting apparatus. Incorporating our largest 88mm fritted disc for better diffusion, he has added a dewar style baffle to the inside of the piece thus reducing volume and providing a solid platform for a smoother hitting vessel. Don’t take our word for it, try one for yourself and you will become a believer……… hit ever!

Here’s what Dave had to say about the process,

The Platinum Rooster

Over the years, I’ve been experimenting with 88mm discs. The objective has been better filtration without compromised flow or frequent clogging with smaller bubbles over greater surface area .

Many shapes and sizes were tried. All had a similar characteristic, which was a bong hit that started fantastic but finished so-so. None of my original 88mm prototypes stayed daily drivers very long. I would always go back to the micron-based D-Nail rig after a few days. The volume associated with the big disc was reluctant to clear out. 

April 2016, it all came together in my head and I understood how all the dependent and independent variables merged at certain sweet spots of optimum design.

 I came to understand that 88mm pieces suffered from a correctable design deficiency related to the internal volume that accompanies the large diameter. 

Small pieces are popular now. This is a basic function of lung size. 

Consider this; Human lungs range from about 1 liter capacity (98# weakling) to about 6 liters (Michael Phelps). Most adults have about 2 liters lung capacity.  

A Rooster Tall boy is close to 400ml volume-for most people, about 1/5 their lung capacity. The Rooster D-Nail rig is about 130ml volume.  There is far less dilution of vapor/smoke  with the smaller rig, hence a more pleasurable experience. This was always my rationale for preferring the 50mm D-Nail disc over the more effective 88mm.

As I came to understand the nature of 88mm discs working less well than expected, I came to understand the remedy: 

VOLUMETRIC REDUCTION. The form known as a “dewar” seal, a double-walled glass vessel (developed by Scottish chemist James Dewar) could be modified to remove the offending volume from a cylinder containing an 88mm disc. There is still considerable stacking and waterworks, but the delivery is fast, fresh, and fully filtered. 

The Rooster Platinum, while physically large, is typically only ~130ml volume. The same volume  as my traditional D-Nail rig, with 2-300% more surface filtration. It is a huge filter disc in a functionally tiny piece. It fills your lungs up with payload, not air. 

There is subjective agreement with the beta testers that Platinum is the new standard of perfection by a noticeable factor. It is my daily driver. 

Rooster platinum is available with 65 and 88mm discs.  88mm Platinums are available it 2 styles, 65’s are available in one but all styles are offered with the choice of 19, 24, or screw thread joints with quartz dome less nails.”

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  1. I purchased a platinum 88. By far the best glass I have in my collection. The volume of air is cut in half and nothing but pure product is being inhaled to the lungs. I could not believe how smooth the first dab was. I am not one to review products but one that likes to read the reviews before purchasing. I don’t understand why there isn’t more reviews on this amazing rig. No harsh hits or hacking up a lung. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for and if you are looking for a quality piece that has a top notch functionality… PLATINUM 88 is it. Thanks for taking pride in what you do and to the ones that get the pleasure of using one. Enjoy!!! 😑

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