COVID-19 Statement

Recent events show we are in times of personal peril and financial hardship for many.  Rooster wishes to help as much as a couple glassblowers can. 

To this end, we CONDEMN the practice of sharing smoke ware, and urge everybody to adopt these practices for a safer community. 

1. Avoid sharing any smoking paraphernalia. Pipes, Water Pipes, Blunts, etc. STOP IT!

2. Silicone mouthpieces are helpful, but water changes and alcohol are recommended in between users. 

3. Change your water frequently. 

4. Running paraphernalia through the dishwasher at night is ok usually for most pieces. It will eventually damage gold and platinum Rooster decals unless covered with beeswax. 

In an effort to encourage safe social distancing and deny dreaded cooties the means to spread, we’re offering “Buy One, Get One Half Off”  sale on our most affordable pieces. 

Two smaller pieces can usually be fit in the same box we use for one. Shipping two pieces in the same saves us on shipping, boxes and time, and we are passing this on to our customers. 

This is the perfect way to minimize your social risk, build your collection, and ensure you have a spare rooster when the daily driver needs to be cleaned. 

So far, we are both healthy and will continue to work and ship product as long as we are well and UPS and USPS continue service. Back orders usually take 3 to 4 days to fill and the risk of pandemic related disruption to production and/or shipping can’t be ruled out.

Corona virus can live on hard, non-porous surfaces like glass for several days and 24hrs on cardboard. We recommend sanitizing our boxes and all mail/mail order before opening AND the contents after opening to reduce the risk of asymptomatic transmission from UPS,USPS, or us to zero. 

Please be safe. We are all in this together. We must be responsible adults and confront this problem with science and logic. We will survive.