Rooster Apparatus™ recently discovered that it has been heavily counterfeited.

In an effort to ensure that only the finest authentic Rooster product is available at market, we are  offering our customers the opportunity to authenticate their product.

If you have any concerns about your product's authenticity please provide the following information.

Please Include:

•Location purchased

•Date purchased

•Proof of purchase (i.e. Photo of receipt)

Please take photos like these:

•Full frontal with camera at height of decal

•Full profile with camera at height of joint

•Disc from top and disc from bottom are helpful as well

Please submit your photos here to confirm if your Rooster is real

Submit Your Rooster Photos

After reviewing your submission Rooster will contact you regarding your product.

Approved submissions with proof of
will receive discount code for 20% off your next Rooster purchase

Rooster Apparatus

Thank you loyal Rooster customers!

If you would like to purchase a new Rooster in person, please see our list of certified vendors.