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Big Daddy Deluxe  
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I accidentally ordered this piece literally hours before a sale started and a guy that worked here was nice enough to let me know, cancel my order, and let me re-order so that I could save some money. On top of that, this piece blew my mind. Hits are incredibly smooth and can get massive. Most deserving 5/5 I’ve ever given.

Now, about the piece. I’ve used portable and desktop vapes, and a wide assortment of glass......

Mackenzie    September 8, 2016   Wisconsin   
Steal Your Face Fatboy Ultimate  
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This is my second Rooster and I must say that it’s worth every penny! If you enjoy a massive amount of percolation this pierce is perfect for you with its huge 65mm fritted disk. The craftsmanship on this piece is impeccable, every self proclaimed rooster fan MUST have a steal your face in your collection. And not to mention Daves signature on the bottom of the base that is nice and visible while on a darker surface to show off to friends and family, I have to keep people away from my piece because everyone wants to hit it and hear all the fiz. Thanks Dave!!

William    July 14, 2016   Texas   
Steal Your Face Fatboy Deluxe  
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Dave never disappoints, this is my second rooster and it is made with such detail. Best glass pieces money can buy right now, the art on the fritted disc is on point and it functions way better than any other piece I’ve ever had.

AJ    July 19, 2016   Kentucky   
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All I wanted and more. Build quality is off the charts.

Greg    December 5, 2016   New Jersey   
Oil Can  
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I’m loving my Rooster Apparatus Oil Can. The diffusion on the 65MM fritted disc is amazing. The build quality overall is really good and the glass is very thick and the base feels sturdy. There is very little air resistance and it’s a pleasure to use with both concentrates and flower. My only minor feedback is that the quartz nail included is not the best out there, but it definitely gets the job done. I’ll be using this every day for sure! Thank you for the great product! -colomarijuana

Jared    January 10, 2017   Colorado