Frequently Asked Questions

•Question: How do I remove an adapter that is stuck?

• Answer: Our recommendation for freeing stuck joints will strike you as BOGUS but in my nearly 40 years experience with stuck joints, I have found this odd and non-invasive cure to work about 85% of the time. Other methods of release are dirtier or more dangerous, so we’ll start here. You want to immerse all stuck parts completely in Coke. Submerged in Coke, inside and out. Leave the stuck parts immersed at least 12 and preferably 24 hours. Hold with rubber gloves and run quickly under hot water. If parts do not release, try it again, using fresh Coke. I’ve had 85% success after 2 soaks over the years. The reason this works is known. Coke is stunningly high in Phosphoric acid, which is slippery and carbonation helps with penetration. Don’t be hasty, and good luck!

•Question: How do I clean my Rooster?

•Answer: We recommend submerging the fritted disc in 91%+ isopropyl alcohol or other appropriate solvent and letting it soak overnight. PBW (powdered brewers wash) also works well but follow instructions on the package because using it too strong can damage your Rooster by leaving permanent etching on the inside of the glass. Do not use salt and by all means…DO NOT BOIL! We supply extra pre-filter discs with each plant piece. Cycling them through the cleaning process before they get clogged ensures that you will always have a clean pre-filter available and they will last for many uses.

•Question: What is the difference between Dave G Glass and Rooster Apparatus?

•Answer: Both product lines have similar specifications but Dave G Glass is fabricated on thinner tubing stock and uses non-UV reactive discs.

• Question: Will my 18mm domeless nail or banger work on a Rooster 19mm joint?

• Answer: Yes, generally so called 18mm and 19mm joints are interchangeable. Standard Taper (S/T) ground joints are defined by ISO 9002 and ASTM as having a 1:10 taper They are denominated by two numbers, the first indicating the diameter at the modest point of the taper, the second being the length of the taper. ISO 9002 specifies 19 joints as being available in lengths of 19/22. M19/26, and 19/35. Lenz and other reputable manufacturers sell their joints as 19/22 and 19/26. There is no such thing as an 18 joint. There are plenty of disreputable bong makers who think they are scientific glassblowers because they use ill fitting, cheap imported joints that do not conform to ISO 9002. When called out on why their joints don’t fit actual ISO 9002 joints that well, they say “well it’s an 18 joint.” We use ISO 9002 joints. 14/23, 19/22, and 24/25.  So called “18” stuff will fit, imperfectly but functionally.

•Question: Can I get custom fabrication?

•Answer: No, we are currently under staffed and don’t have time for custom work.

•Question: Can Roosters be repaired or modified by non-Rooster fabricators?

•Answer: This is not recommended, but we have a high success rate of repairing Rooster products with straight necks here at the factory.

•Question: How much water should I use?

•Answer: It’s a matter of personal taste. Very little is required, just barely above the disc. It’s very important that you change water frequently. Roosters scrub very efficiently and the water gets saturated pretty quickly. Changing water every gram smoked/vaped is recommended.

•Question: Why is cold water and ice not recommended for concentrates?

•Answer: Rooster fritted discs diffuse the vapor into such tiny bubbles that they work primarily by scrubbing the gas. Cooling takes place simultaneously, but the excellence of the Rooster experience is chemical, not thermal.

If you use cold water, too much cooling takes place. The payload and terpenes you wanted to enjoy condense out and clog the disc. Lukewarm water will actually improve the flavor of your dabs and scrub the vapor more efficiently. Freezing a Rooster is also a good way to break it.

•Question: Where can I get parts?

•Answer: If you would like to purchase an adapter, pre-filters, bowls or domeless quartz nails for torch or 20mm coil, you can purchase these on the “Replacement Parts” page of our on-line shop. We will ship it out via USPS Priority Mail.

Certified vendors are required to purchase some stock of spare parts with orders for new merchandise. Former vendors who are not certified will not have any spare parts.