• 50mm Fused Glass Frit Disc*
• 38mm Neck
• 60mm Body
• 1000ml Hex or Large Round Foot
• 19mm Female (outer) Ground Joint
• Approximately 17″ Tall


• 19mm Bowl
• Stainless Steel Screens



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The Hightower is a 17″ tall convertible designed for consuming flower but can be easily converted for the consumption of concentrates. Designed with our 50mm fritted disc for excellent diffusion and can be configured with a 1000ml hex foot or a large round foot.

This Hightower uses a 19mm female (outer) ground joint and a 19mm bowl, eliminating the need for the adapter and fritted pre-filters thus simplifying the product and bringing the price point down. We are currently including stainless steel screens to be used in the female joint in order to eliminate the migration of particulate matter into the fritted disc. The screen and bowl can easily be removed for use with your concentrate attachment of choice.

*Note: You may or may not receive the exact disc pictured in this product description. We update pictures regularly but due to the unique nature of each disc, there may be small variations in colors and arrangements. We will make our best effort to match your order with the disc color profile in the product description.


Additional information

Disc Color Options

Clear, Agua Azul, Lava, Fruity Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles 2, Fruity Pebbles 3, Galactic Swirl, Galactic Swirl 2, Galactic Swirl 3, Palm Tree, Wave, Cannabis Leaf, Cannabis Leaf 2, Purple Lilac, Extra Coarse Mix, Extra Coarse Mix 2, Ultra Coarse Rocks

Foot Options

1000ml Hex Foot, Large Round Foot


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